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Hello and welcome to the personal website of Huff Augsburger. This website is to serve as a personal CV and general website to the things I like and enjoy online and offline. If you would like to contact me I suggest that you send me an e-mail to:

Work Experience

I'm originally from Germany but have been living in Canada for the past 12 years. I currently work for a small interactive agency where my role is in front end development. I have a great deal of experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript including extensive experience in jQuery. As far as backend languages I've worked with PHP and am now working mostly with Phython which is in my opinion a far superior language to code in.

We do a lot of work for small companies including many of the ma and pa shops that you'd typically find on Queen Street downtown Toronto but we also do a lot of work for companies that only have an online presence. Companies that run poker and online casino portals like this one will give you an example of the kind of responsive work I do. This site like many of the sites we work on is integrated within our custom CMS which gives our clients the ability to easily update and manage virtually every element on the site.


Front End

CSS Grids
Css Frameworks / Resets
Javascript / Ajax
Frameworks including (HTML5, Boilerplate, Bootstrap, Foundation, etc...)
Web Speed / Performance Optimization

Backend End

Ruby (limited)

Other Skills

I also have experience in both the development of and testing of mobile apps on both iOS and Android devices.


There are many things that I have interest below is a brief list of some of my interests.

Surfing the web (my #1 hobby)
Traveling (experiencing culture)
Watching sports

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